Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cover feature and excerpt: DreamKiller by Heather Hildenbrand


As a special treat I  have an excerpt of Chapter 1 posted below

~Chapter One~ This wasn’t going to be easy. Marlena squared her shoulders. She’d have to do it anyway. There was no time now. She looked up through the glass ceiling at the moon one last time. It was fading from red to white with each passing second. It had to happen now or not at all. With superhuman strength and speed, she leaped from her hiding place high above the crowd and dropped to her feet. She weaved quickly in and out until her targets were within reach. She was careful to keep her hood pulled down until she reached the far end of the plaza. No one gave her a second look, including the two men she shadowed. Years of training had given Marlena the ability to blend into a crowd. Humans often only noticed the blatantly obvious. The shorter of the two men spoke quietly to the valet and handed him a ticket. Then he rejoined his friend at the curb as the valet wandered off. When the men were alone, she made her move. She had exactly thirty seconds until the valet brought their car around. She sprang forward, snapping their necks so quickly that the second one didn’t even have time to scream before it was his turn to die. When she was done, she faded back into the shadows, her mission complete. ***
-- Heather Hildenbrand Author of the Dirty Blood series --
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Fading Amber by Jaime Reed

 Fading Amber is book # 3 in The Cambion Chronicles by Jaime Reed. In this book Tobias has gone missing and Samara keeps having blackouts. In fact her and Caleb had a blackout at the same time and neither of them are sure what happened other than Caleb's jeep getting banged up. Tobias being missing should be good news right? But since he also happens to be linked to Samara and in turn Caleb, it could mean danger for them as well. That's not the only danger looming over their head, they still have to face the notorious Santiago's to see if they will be sentenced for what happened previously with Caleb's father.

 Jaime Reed has done it again! Fading Amber is a riveting read and sure to excite and please existing fans. There are not many series that when I read them I think the next one can't possibly be better than this one, but then somehow it is. Well this is definitely one of those series. Each book seems to impossibly be even better than the last. There were moments when I could not believe what had just happened and others that I was so relieved that it went the way I wanted. Caleb and Samara still have that amazing bond that I love but it is truly put to the test in this book and there are quite a few moments I don't think that it can survive anything else, but then it does. Tobias really makes things crazy and for some reason you just can't help but love how much you hate him. It was fascinating getting to learn more about the cambion history as Samara did and I felt like there was some definite danger with the infamous Santiago's coming to judge Samara and Caleb. Almost like she had gotten caught up with the mob! I think this book has something for everyone to enjoy with the great action, suspense, love, and secrets. Jaime Reed is now way up there on my list of favorite authors. I would highly recommend this and the entire Cambion Chronicles to all fans of YA paranormal romance.
 NOTE: I highly recommend to read these books in order from book 1 forward.

** I received this book from Kensington Publishing in exchange for an honest review**