Monday, July 16, 2018

Review: Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert

Jack Travis is passionate about his clinic and knows that he cannot let it be shut it down. He may have found his answer to keeping it's doors open in a Chaplain Riley Hale. Riley's family name could be just what he needs. Riley in turn needs to practice her nursing skills to help her get back to the job position she truly wants after an attack has left her dominant arm weak and numb. The hospital she works for is not sure that she can handle the tasks required. When Jack offers her a job it seems like this could be the answer to her problems as well.

 Trauma Plan has action, drama, romance, and suspense. The characters are all very appealing and I just loved Bandy! There is so much more going on than what I have mentioned above but I feel like I shouldn't giveaway too much. This book really touched me and I loved it's quiet but faithful messages. I have been wanting to check out Calvert's books for a while and am so glad that I finally read this one. I think it was the perfect book to start on her writing with. It definitely makes me want to read more books by her. I have not read a Christian medical romance before, but I think I may have just found a new favorite subgenre! I loved it! 

** I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House.**

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Review: The Evaporation of Sofi Snow

Book Description

For fans of Ender’s Game and Blade Runner comes a story of video gaming, blood, and power.
Ever since the Delonese ice-planet arrived eleven years ago, Sofi’s dreams have been vivid. Alien. In a system where Earth’s corporations rule in place of governments and the humanoid race orbiting the moon are allies, her only constant has been her younger brother, Shilo. As an online gamer, Sofi battles behind the scenes of Earth’s Fantasy Fighting arena where Shilo is forced to compete in a mix of real and virtual blood sport. But when a bomb takes out a quarter of the arena, Sofi’s the only one who believes Shilo survived. She has dreams of him. And she’s convinced he’s been taken to the ice-planet.
Except no one but ambassadors are allowed there.
For Miguel—Earth’s charming young playboy—the games are of a different sort. As Ambassador to the Delonese, his career has been built on trading secrets and seduction. Until the Fantasy Fight’s bomb goes off. Now the tables have turned and he’s a target for blackmail. The game is simple: Help the blackmailers, or lose more than anyone can fathom, or Earth can afford.
From the award-winning author of the Storm Siren Trilogy, step into a diverse cast of characters spanning from the electric metropolises of earth to the chilling alien planet above, in a story of re-finding yourself in the midst of losing the one thing you love. Before it all evaporates.

The Evaporation of Sofi Snow was a pretty interesting read. It has a cool gamer/sci-fi/futuristic feel that I really enjoyed. I liked the world building, but wish there would have been a little more of it. I liked the main characters, Sofi and Miguel. I was hoping for more romance between them but I think things seemed to be heading that way for the next book. So fingers crossed I get to see more then. I feel like there were also a lot of secrets and hidden agendas that left me not quite knowing what to make of some of the characters though. Hopefully that will all come to light soon. I felt like it took a little bit to really get into the story but once I did I was totally captivated. I think that may be because it was setting a lot of things up to happen in the next book, so there was a lot of escalation toward the end when things were starting to get really juicy. This book does end with a major cliffhanger that has me pretty anxious to read the next one! I would recommend this book to fans of YA gamer/sci-fi novels that are light on the romance.

**  The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers.  **

Friday, June 29, 2018

Sales Blitz, blurb,exerpt: Savage Beauty .99 for a limited time

Title: Savage Beauty
Author: Casey L. Bond
Genre: YA Epic Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling
Editor: Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens/ The Illustrated Author Design Services
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Blurb:  Once upon a time, a beautiful queen was cursed by a dark faery. That curse, inherited by twin princesses, Aura and Luna, binds their lives in the strangest of ways. At an early age, the girls were more than sisters. They were the strongest of allies until a combination of jealousy, anger and dark magic tore their relationship to shreds.
Aura took everything from Luna: her home, her family, and her love by murdering the prince who’d chosen her instead of Aura.
Luna wants revenge, but she’s running out of time. She must sever the magical bond tying her life to Aura’s before their eighteenth birthday or be bound to her forever. In desperation, she seeks help from a dark fae prince, but the price is steep – a piece of her soul.
Fate is a real witch. Luna was willing to give up anything to stop her sister, until Prince Phillip of Grithim, the brother of the only man she’s ever loved, falls into her life. Neither of them can fight their attraction, despite their guilt.
With Aura hell-bent on destroying everything she holds dear, Luna must decide whether she wants revenge or Phillip. She can’t have both, and in the end, this may be a battle both sisters lose.
**Savage Beauty is a fairy tale retelling of Sleeping Beauty... with fae witches. :)

“I was going to try to hike out of here in the morning. I’m glad you woke, actually. I was hoping you could give me directions?” I would have asked her to lead me to the edge of the dark forest, but she wasn’t what I expected. She hadn’t hurt me yet, but it was clear that she didn’t want me in her home. And I didn’t want to push my luck by staying any longer where I wasn’t welcome.
“Do you have any idea what today is?” she countered.
My God, she was beautiful. I shook my head to clear it. What was significant about today? I had no idea.
“It’s the first day of autumn,” she said dryly. “The equinox. The fae will celebrate. They’ll be hunting in the forest today, and some are very fond of the taste of human flesh.”
Well, damn. I stared at her pointed ears and gulped. “Are you fond of it?”
Her lips curved into a cruel smile. “Not particularly.”
“Should I leave tonight then? Before daylight?”
“It’s midnight. While some are already celebrating, others are already in the wood, waiting for some unsuspecting prey to waltz by.
I watched an unfamiliar emotion roll over her features. “You’ve been my guest, you say? Have you poked your nose anywhere it doesn’t belong?” Her eyes narrowed as she waited for my response.
“I’ve eaten from your garden, slept in your chair, and washed in your creek. I’ve made friends with Cat, whom I will continue to call Cat until you divulge her name. And I’ve tidied things a little. I promise to send food to replace what I took from your garden as soon as I get home.”
Her head ticked to the side. “You cleaned my house?”
“Just the kitchen and sitting room. I kept this door closed as much as I could. It won’t quite shut, and the other door is locked.”
She flicked her eyes at the small gap in the bedroom door and then smiled at me. “I know you weren’t in there.”
“Because if you had picked those locks, you wouldn’t be standing in front of me now.”
She left me and Cat behind as she walked out of the room, her footsteps completely quiet. I looked down at my furry friend and she looked up at me and then followed her master. It felt wrong to stay in the young woman’s bedroom, and since I didn’t sense an immediate danger from her, I followed Cat, dabbing at the stinging wound on my neck.
A growl came from the main room just as I stepped into it. “You moved my things.”
“I told you I cleaned,” I defended.
“Yes, well you shouldn’t have touched my things! Now, how will I find what I need?” She scowled at the shelf and the spices arrayed on them.
“They’re in alphabetical order.”
“Alphabe—” Her word faded away as she took in my handiwork. I thought she liked it until she gripped the counter and swiveled her head toward me. “Perhaps now is the perfect time for you to walk through the dark forest.”
“Do you overreact to organized spices and kindness very often, or are you just cranky because you woke from your nap?” I snapped, immediately regretting the words. I wasn’t a coward, but neither did I want to die at the hands of a fae witch.
To my surprise, she didn’t gut me. Instead, a slow smile stretched over her lips, as brilliant as I’d imagined. Not that I’d imagined she had those small fangs...

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction. 

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Review: Skystone Canyon by Diane J. Reed

Review: Skystone Canyon by Diane J. Reed

Skystone Canyon (Iron Feather Brothers, #2)

 If you have ever read any of my other reviews then you should know that I am a huge fan of Diane J. Reed's books. They always have this mystical aspect to them that just pulls me in so completely. Skystone Canyon is a little lighter on that aspect but it is definitely still there. It sort of steps back a little and allows the power of an unrequited young love coming to fruition take the spotlight, which I also enjoyed. The connection with Iron Feather is still there and he does make some appearances and makes his approval of the coupling very apparent. I love the idea of couples that are meant to be and drawn together by destiny (and the spirit of an ancestor lol). Barrett and Lainey absolutely fit the bill and I love their backstory of how he helped to shape her as a person so many years ago with his advice and guidance. They both had a tough childhood but they both persevered and thrived which makes them perfectly suited if you ask me. Another thing that made Skystone Canyon pretty intriguing is the bit of mystery thrown in with all of the incidents onset and the action that ensues from it. Barrett definitely has the cowboy officer thing down pat and his love for Lainey only brings out his protective side that much more. I admit I was a bit swoony. Overall it was a wonderful romance with some action, mystery, and suspense as well. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading this next book. Oh I will mention that if you are offended by the use of curse words that use God's name that it is used pretty generously in Skystone Canyon. I could have gone without that aspect as it jars me from the story. I know it won't be an issue from some, but thought I would mention it for those that would like to know. Hopefully it's not as prevalent in the next one that I am already anxious to read. I wonder who is going to snag Lander's heart?...

** I voluntarily reviewed this book that I received from the author. **

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review: Folded Notes from High School by Matt Boren

Folded Notes from High School

Folded Notes from High School is told entirely through notes passed by a group of students in the same high school in the 90's. I think this was a pretty neat and very unique way to tell the story. It was very telling to see the difference between what someone writes about a situation to one person then says something completely different to someone else in another note. Ah, the nostalgia of the melodramatics of school. Tara is the main character and is definitely a bit dramatic and very wishy washy(Is it bad that I found that entertaining?). One day she loves her boyfriend, the next she loves someone else, one day she is fighting with her best friend, the next she is so thankful to have her in her life. It's kind of silly in reality yet absolutely dead serious to Tara. Being a teen is definitely an emotional time so I won't hold it against her as a character because it is actually very realistic. I'm sure I knew quite a few Tara types in my day. The layout and nostalgia made it a fun read for me and overall I would say that it was pretty enjoyable. I was kind of upset that I did not get to find out exactly what happens at the end, but as long as there will be a sequel I'm good with that. The ending definitely left me wanting more (but in a good way)! I think anyone who grew up in the 90's should pick this book up and think back on the antics of school days past.

** I voluntarily chose to receive this book from the publisher for review purposes. All thoughts expressed here are my own. **

Friday, April 6, 2018

Review: Unraveled by Kate Jarvik Birch (Perfected #3)

Unraveled is action-packed and fast paced. Wonderful ending to a fantastic series. Everything in the first two books is coming to a head so it's very suspenseful and intriguing. The main character, Ella, has done a lot of self discovery and growth throughout the series. I felt more connected to her struggles than ever and was glad to see her taking action in this one. There was a loss in this one that surprised me, although I guess it shouldn't have. I was always anxious to find out what was going to happen next and therefore found this a very quick read. I liked that it was a bit darker and more gritty than I originally thought the series would be. It's hard to talk about this one book without thoughts of the entire series leaking through but I really did enjoy each book on it's own and the series even more as a whole. It's dark and compelling with some action and romance too. I definitely recommend this series to those who enjoy a dark YA dystopian read. 

 ** I received this book from Entangled Teen through Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it. **

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review: S.T.A.G.S. by M.A. Bennett

 S.T.A.G.S. is dark and delicious with twists and turns throughout. It's definitely a page-turner that kept my rapt attention. The main character, Greer, is smart and honest. She's new to Saint Aidan the Great boarding school, also known as S.T.A.G.S., on scholarship. She's basically ostracized by the upper class student body until she mysteriously receives an invitation to an exclusive weekend to join one of the school's most elite cliques for a retreat of "huntin' shootin' fishin'." After having been ignored for a full term she just can't resist taking them up on the invite. Little does she know just how dangerous and treacherous this weekend will truly be. Although we are let in on the secret of how the weekend takes a bad turn, the journey of getting there is no less intriguing or the events that take place no less surprising. 

S.T.A.G.S. was absolutely captivating! It's a young adult thriller reminiscent of Pretty Little Liars with a bit of Gossip Girl and Hunger Games mixed in. It touched on quite a few subjects such as social conventions, entitlement, the downfalls of technology, etc. Although delivered in an easy, quick read, it still really gets you thinking. It's clever, thrilling, and a bit eerie. I don't read a lot of thrillers but if I can find more like this one, then I'm in! 

** I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. **