Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review : Unafraid (Archangel Academy book 3) by Michael Griffo + giveaway

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  Michael has escaped his small hometown of Weeping Waters, Nebraska and is attending another year of school at Archangel Academy, a boarding school with a legacy and secrets all it's own. Michael has left his insecurities back in America and is enjoying his new found life in Eden, England. But along with his great new life also comes great responsibilities. He must protect his boyfriend and new friends and fight against the dark forces lurking within the school grounds.Can he use his new abilities and connections to keep them all safe from one man's sinister plans? 

 I loved continuing to see the transformations in Michael and watching him grow and find himself as he also finds out about love, loyalty, and trusting his instincts. He has formed some strong relationships that continue to be tested but he also has found out a lot more about himself. Unafraid has a consistent message of self acceptance and acceptance of others that I love. It really steps outside the normal relationships you see in YA paranormal romance novels and introduces some really interesting characters. I love that we get insight to what some of our main characters are thinking and the things they try to conceal ,sometimes even from themselves.Unafraid has it all : love, romance, adventure, vengeance, action , and intrigue.

 I would highly recommend this book and the entire Archangel Academy series to those who love YA novels and paranormal romance.Please note this book does include same sex couples for those who are uncomfortable reading such stories.It also has some detailed violence so I think it may not be suitable for some younger readers.

***Disclosure this book was supplied to me by Kensington Publishing for review purposes.***
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  3. Another great YA series is Hex Hall....I loved the first two!!

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