Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Eternal Darkness by Natalie Hancock

Layla is incredibly stunning and equally deadly. She is a skilled fighter but more important than that she is also a dhampir, a half breed vampire who feeds on vampires blood to quench both her thirst for blood and power. This may cause problems for her since she now resides at the vampire academy to escape her past and train with other vampires. So now she has to be more in control than ever which may not be so easy when she meets a sexy vampire named Shade whose stare sends chills up her spine and tingles through her body from a single touch.

The characters in the book are very intriguing, especially our heroine Layla who is not only gorgeous and strong but also very guarded and mysterious. We get a few glimpses of some of her sorted past but I have a feeling there is much to be revealed in the next book. I love her connection with Nikalye and would love to find out more about their bond. But then there is also the sexy Shade which while steaming up the story for me also leaves me yearning to find out why he gets such a reaction from Layla. Nikalye breaches the subject but never exposes his thoughts on the matter. The story was really interesting and had some very unique and captivating aspects. My only issue was in some parts of the story poor editing made the story stagger a bit but as soon as it picked back up I was swept back into the story once again. I definitely think it's a fascinating read and I know I will seek out book two to feed my curiosity. Especially with that great cliffhanger at the end! I don't see how anyone could read just book one and not pickup book two (Dark Shadows) as well.

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