Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Moonglow by Michael Griffo

Dominy Robineau hasn't been herself lately... 

She's been so full of rage and having disturbingly violent thoughts. She's starting to think shes losing it, especially the morning after her sixteenth birthday when she wakes up beside her dead best friend. She has no idea what happened except for  a vague memory of hearing a wild animal. She soon finds out that wild animal is her and she is cursed to a lifetime of turning into a werewolf. Now her best friend is dead, her dad has a deep dark secret, and she still can't figure out if Nadine is friend or foe.

Moonglow is riveting, with excellent pacing and a wonderfully ecelectic cast of characters. I feel as though I really got to know Dominy as I watched her go through the darkest time in her life and each of her friends added something unique and essential to the story. I know werewolf books have become quite popular but I believe Moonglow has some very unique aspects that really make it stand out in the crowd. Michael Griffo has once again proven himself to be an amazing writer with a story that kept me on the edge of  my seat from beginning to end wondering what would happen next. I love that this book both suprised and excited me on a sometimes very predictable topic. I am hooked  and am so anxious to read book two. Not only to find out where Dominy will go from here but also to find out more about those mysterious twins. I know there is much more yet to be uncovered.

** I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. **

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