Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Othersphere by Nina Berry

Othersphere is the final book in The Otherkin trilogy by Nina Berry. It begins shortly after Caleb left in Othermoon feeling betrayed by Dez. Now with Caleb gone Dez has started dating Lazar and has not heard from Caleb since he left. After Amaris sneaks out of the school Dez follows her, knowing she's going to meet up with Caleb. She just wants to see that he's okay, but when they are suddenly attacked by Ximon and The Tribunal things take a turn for the worst. Ximon opens a portal to Othersphere and throws Amaris through it into the dangerous other world. Now Dez, Caleb, and the other shifters have to find a way to get her back.

Othersphere is an amazing ride of fantasy and adventure! It was exhilarating picturing the strange new world and learning of the amazing ways it awakens Dez' s senses. I loved finding out more about Dez and her amazing connection to Othersphere. I can only imagine being a teenager trying to find out who you are and where your from while being stuck in a love triangle with two brothers and having the pressure of a friend's death on your shoulders. Needless to say tensions are high within the group, causing emotions to run amuck, pushing the story to a perfect crescendo as they race to save their friend. 

I love the world Nina Berry has created in this book. So dangerously beautiful and breathtaking! It made me a little sad the story had to end. But I think it was a nice ending to the series with everything neatly resolved and Dez finally realizing she chooses who to be and that her origins doesn't have to define her. 

** I received this book for review purposes from the publisher in exchange for a honest review ** 

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