Monday, June 29, 2015

review: Water so Deep by Nichole Giles

 This is one of those books that's a little hard for me to review because I have mixed feelings about it. So why the four star rating you wonder. Well because I asked myself if I really enjoyed the story as whole and the answer is yes. I love mermaids and I think this story had a unique twist with us getting to watch this girl slowly transition into one against her will. I can only imagine how scary that would be including the creepy merman trying to claim you as his own! Am I anxious to read the next book of this series? Super yes! I zipped through this one so fast and immediately wanted more. Really I only have two minor problems with the book. 1- Emma seemed to have never tried very hard to find a solution to her problem. 2- That cliffhanger ending! Which in itself isn't my only issue with the ending. My biggest thing was that we only get to hear the ending from one p.o.v. and the missing one seemed to be the one I would most want to know. Assuming that will be resolved in the next book though has me excited to continue this story.

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review *

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