Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: The Unleashing by Shelley Laurenston


  The Unleashing is the first book in a brand new series by Shelley Laurenston. It is also the first book that I recall ever reading with roots in Norse mythology. I love that the author puts her own twists on the myths and I feel like it has resulted in a really fun and unique story-line and characters. I really enjoyed that although the book mentions death and has violence and lots of action, it still manages to be funny and entertaining. In fact the humor is probably my favorite aspect of The Unleashing. At times I found it to be down right hilarious! 

 I will admit that although the blurb immediately had my attention, upon reading the beginning of the book I got a bit worried. The great story was definitely there, already fascinating, but there were also lots of details about individuals that I found a bit confusing and bogging the plot down. I wasn't sure which characters I needed to commit to memory and which were just going to be fellow crows somewhere in the background. There was also a little confusion while I sorted out who was being mentioned at the moment because sometimes the same character would be called by their surname then later their first name and I had to fight to remember who was who. That did clear up shortly though and the rest of the book flowed quickly with lots of action and humor. There was some romance ( and some romping! ) but it was not the only facet of the novel, which I found a bit refreshing. There was definitely just as much focus put on the action sequences and Kera's integration into the group.  

Overall I would totally recommend The Unleashing to fans of paranormal romance with lots of action and some raw humor. :-)  Although the characters come off a bit crazy, they do grow on you. ;-)

** I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review **

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