Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips

Faking Perfect

My Review: 


           FakingPerfect by Rebecca Phillips
4.5 stars

Faking Perfect is the perfect title for this book. Lexi Shaw spends everyday faking perfect. She has spent the past three years reinventing herself and trying so hard to get the world to see her as she wants to be seen. Even if it's not the real her. But I mean really who could blame her? Her mother is a horrible alcoholic who dates losers and her father is an addict that hasn't been in her life since she was four. I think she's so desperate not to be like her mother that she is willing to spend everyday chasing that unattainable perfection that she craves. Although she uses Tyler and ignores him at school, not wanting anyone to know about them, I think there's also a poetic romance to the fact that for a long time he is the only one who truly knows the real Lexi. Of course she is caught up on golden boy Ben. She thinks he is perfect and that appeals to her. If she could be Ben's girlfriend then that means she's good enough for Mr. Perfect himself right? But people aren't always who we think they are or want them to be and Lexi has to find this out the hard way. Tyler is not as prominent in this story as I'd like but he is an ever looming presence. He starts breaking Lexi's rules and acting out but also Lexi can't seem to stop thinking about him. He is not who she thinks she should be with at all but she craves his touch. On top of all of that she finds out some things about her dad and has to try to deal with that as well.

Overall I really enjoyed Faking Perfect. It was a quick read and had believable and flawed characters just the way I like. I could really relate to Lexi struggling with figuring out that line between being better, being herself, and trying too hard to be perfect. One of my favorite things about this book is how raw and honest it is. The trials Lexi faced are a great representation of things that a true teenager may have to deal with in day to day life. Faking Perfect is a great YA contemporary about self discovery and I'd highly recommend it to fans of this genre. I would love to read more from this author.

** I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review **

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