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Review: Owlegories vol. 1 dvd


My Review: 
Owlegories is a gospel-centered animated series for children that teaches kids about God through nature and God's Word. Owlegories Vol. 1 contains the three lessons as mentioned above in the description where the owl students learn about how God is like the sun, the seed, and the water through this fun story using allegories. Which are wittily renamed owlegories for this cute series featuring these adorable owls.  
allegories- a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one
I asked my eight year old daughter to watch with me and give me her opinion as well. So I asked her some questions and here are her answers:
  • Did you like Owlegories vol. 1? Yes I did.
  • What is something you liked about it? That they were learning about God. 
  • Did you like the characters? Yes. I thought they were very cute.
  • What was your favorite character? Violet
  • What was your favorite lesson? That the Sun is like God and that it is powerful just like God is powerful.
Although a simple film, it was not merely a form of entertainment to her. It also did seem to be thought provoking for her and we openly discussed how we may have never thought of the things presented in the lessons in quite that way. As for my thoughts. I really like the messages in this movie as well as the way that they were portrayed. I think the animation is cute and inviting and that the language is clear and easy for the kids to understand and pay attention to. The characters have obstacles to overcome but I like that they weren't overly scary like we sometimes run across in "children's" movies. My daughter said she thought at first that the movie would be for younger children but then she really liked it too. So I believe that this really would be good for most any age audience. I noticed when the movie screen popped up where the ratings would typically be it states: 

The following movie has been approved for owl audiences by the Hoo motion picture parliament. The movie has been rated O for Owlegories some material may be sparkelicious. Brief sequences of respectful behavior, educational content, thought provoking dialogue, and scripture throughout.  
Which I thought to be very endearing and true.

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