Thursday, May 3, 2018

Review: Skystone Canyon by Diane J. Reed

Review: Skystone Canyon by Diane J. Reed

Skystone Canyon (Iron Feather Brothers, #2)

 If you have ever read any of my other reviews then you should know that I am a huge fan of Diane J. Reed's books. They always have this mystical aspect to them that just pulls me in so completely. Skystone Canyon is a little lighter on that aspect but it is definitely still there. It sort of steps back a little and allows the power of an unrequited young love coming to fruition take the spotlight, which I also enjoyed. The connection with Iron Feather is still there and he does make some appearances and makes his approval of the coupling very apparent. I love the idea of couples that are meant to be and drawn together by destiny (and the spirit of an ancestor lol). Barrett and Lainey absolutely fit the bill and I love their backstory of how he helped to shape her as a person so many years ago with his advice and guidance. They both had a tough childhood but they both persevered and thrived which makes them perfectly suited if you ask me. Another thing that made Skystone Canyon pretty intriguing is the bit of mystery thrown in with all of the incidents onset and the action that ensues from it. Barrett definitely has the cowboy officer thing down pat and his love for Lainey only brings out his protective side that much more. I admit I was a bit swoony. Overall it was a wonderful romance with some action, mystery, and suspense as well. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading this next book. Oh I will mention that if you are offended by the use of curse words that use God's name that it is used pretty generously in Skystone Canyon. I could have gone without that aspect as it jars me from the story. I know it won't be an issue from some, but thought I would mention it for those that would like to know. Hopefully it's not as prevalent in the next one that I am already anxious to read. I wonder who is going to snag Lander's heart?...

** I voluntarily reviewed this book that I received from the author. **

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