Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Review: The Trouble with Christmas by Amy Andrews

Book Description via the author's website:

All Suzanne St. Michelle wants is an over-the-top, eggnog-induced holiday with her best friend in Credence, Colorado. But when her hoity-toity parents insist she come home for Christmas in New York, she blurts out that her sexy landlord is actually her boyfriend and she can’t leave him—Joshy loves Christmas. The more twinkle lights the better.
Rancher Joshua Grady does not love Christmas. Or company, or chatty women. Unfortunately for him, the chattiest woman ever has rented the cottage on his ranch, invited her rich, art-scene parents, and now insists he play “fake rancher boyfriend” in a production of the Hokiest Christmas Ever. And somehow…she gets him to agree.

My review: 

I loved The Trouble with Christmas. It has been quite a while since I have read a book so fast, but I just could not get enough! I had a pretty strong feeling I was going to really enjoy this one since it includes some of my favorite things. Grumpy handsome rancher... check, Christmas time... check, hero and heroine who drive each other nuts... check, fake relationship... big fat check. Lucky for me it was even better than I had anticipated. Not to mention I absolutely loved Suzanne. From the very moment she started babbling and saying things even she had no clue why, I knew she was my kind of girl. It definitely made for some really funny moments and had me smiling and laughing out loud through most of the book. Joshua Grady never stood a chance! Ah, but the broody rancher also found a special place in my heart. I like that his backstory adds some depth to the story and makes his decisions to try to keep his distance more sympathetic than upsetting. He still managed to be a fun character despite his past tragedies and I have to admit picturing him all macho and serious in a tacky Christmas sweater still makes me giggle. It's almost like the perfect Hallmark movie except with steamy parts and cursing. Although I did not enjoy the overuse of cursing God's name, I decided not to deduct any stars because of how much I absolutely loved everything else. Just be forewarned if that type of thing bothers you. I also have to say before my review is over that the ending was just perfect! It gave me all the feels. I definitely highly recommend The Trouble with Christmas for the Christmas romance and fake relationship fans out there.

** I received an advanced digital copy thanks to Entangled Publishing via Netgalley. This is my voluntary and honest review.**

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