Monday, February 8, 2021

Review: Love Spells and Other Disasters

 Love Spells and Other Disasters left me with mixed emotions. It was a nice mix of contemporary and magic. Magical realism is one of my favorite types of stories. The story is mostly cute and fun in the beginning, but towards the end things did get a bit dark. I was expecting a light fluffy read and I am not really sure how to express more of my thoughts on the rest of the book without possible spoilers so be warned to stop now if you want to avoid those. Okay, so the twist with Luca I definitely saw coming, but didn't mind as I really liked him as a character and thought things still came out to my liking in the end. The things I did not like were the abuse that takes place as a result of the spells, but more than that was the fact that some of those people were still mad that the spells got cancelled out and wanted a new spell. Like what?!! You are no longer under a spell, but want to go back to being abused?!!! Also Ethan after the spell was removed was so annoying and just plain childish. Ugh, he really got on my bad side lol. There was also a scene were it subtly described two teens having sex which made me feel a bit awkward. I know it's a reality of life, but I didn't expect it in the story and would rather not read that. So although I enjoyed the story overall there were some things that made me cringe.

** I received an advanced digital copy for this book through Netgalley. **

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