Monday, May 17, 2021

Review: Queen by Royal Appointment by Lucy Monroe

Queen by Royal Appointment is a riveting fast read. I have never read a book pertaining to royals, but was instantly intrigued. Nataliya is obligated to a contract of marriage to a prince, but she does not see him as fit for her to marry. Which I loved! I mean who is brave enough to say nope this PRINCE is not worthy of marriage to me?!!! I automatically liked her for that, as well as the fact that she presents herself with dignity and strength. She would not let the royal family push her around! Nikolai wanting to fulfill the marriage contract instead of his brother makes things very interesting. Especially considering Nataliya had a huge crush on him as a teen. I don't want to reveal much more and spoil the story, but I will say that I definitely like the way Nikolai respects Nataliya and think that he is super romantic, although he doesn't seem to believe so. His past makes his stake in the relationship very telling. I am really glad about the way things work out for them. They have great chemistry and a great respect for each other which is just as important. I loved Queen by Royal Appointment and think I will have to try more romances about royals if they are all this good!

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