Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: After Dark by Emi Gayle

 Eighteen year old Mac is a changeling. She can change into any supernatural being she wants after dark. Thing is by her nineteenth birthday she has to choose which one she wants to be forever. Mac is already having a hard time choosing when she meets a geeky boy named Winn who has this book that seems to have things about her that she was never told. So now Mac has to find out what has been kept secret from her.

 I started After Dark with great expectations, maybe too great. This book has a great storyline and a very original premise but it just never got in tune for me. I am typically not a very picky reader so I was actually quite shocked. I never really connected with the story or its characters and found myself sort of dragging through. I wondered how this girl could be eighteen and has never once wondered about her race or what that meant for her until now. It seemed to me everything was thrown together with at times a bit of randomness and hurry. If not for the originality I do not think I would have had enough curiosity to carry me through this one. Although I never connected with After Dark, I did find myself wanting to continue reading just to find out what would happen. So I do believe this book has great potential I just don't think we see it met in this novel. I do think that I would be interested in reading a sequel to see if the story grows and progresses any, maybe meeting the potential that I see in this novel. 

* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review *

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