Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review Spartan Frost by Jennifer Estep

I loved that in this novella we get to see Logan's point of view! Spartan Frost picks up right after the events of Crimson Frost. Logan and his father have now moved to their home in New York to put some distance between Logan and Gwen. He can't forgive himself for what happened even though he had no control after Loki took over his body. It's a little sad hearing how miserable he is but it also shows us how much his love for Gwen has grown. We also get a glimpse into a possible mending in his and his father's relationship. Hopefully that can be the silver lining of all the recent bad events. At the end of the novella I feel we start to see some of Logan's spark coming back. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book "Midnight Frost".
This is not a necessary read for the series, readers won't be lost if they go straight from book 4 to book 5. But would I skip it? No way! I think getting this "extra" little snippet will enhance your reading experience and help you to share better in Logan and Gwen's story. I always prefer when the novellas remain optional for the reader. Although I can't imagine passing this one up!

**I received this book in exchange for a honest review via netgalley**

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