Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Invisible by Marni Bates

Marni Bates once again had me up flipping pages late into the night with her new laugh out loud worthy novel, Invisible.....

Invisible tells the story of Jane Smith. Jane has never wanted to be anything other than invisible at her school. Jane's best friend Mackenzie recently became an overnight internet sensation and their other best friend Corey started dating a rock star. Leaving Jane feeling left behind. Invisible was okay with her best friends by her side but now Jane feels left out and no longer as connected with her best friends as she once was. Now she's thinking it might be better to get some attention after all and to stop being so invisible. Which results in Jane being assigned a front-page article for her high school's paper, The Smithsonian. For that, Jane must write a groundbreaking story on which she is accompanied by Scott, the cute newspaper photographer that she just so happens to resent. 

I really liked Awkward, the first book in this series, and liked being able to get to continue the story here with Invisible while getting to know Jane better. I really liked Jane in this story. Even though she starts off a little reserved, her inner voice can actually be quite spunky and funny at times. Scott on the other hand is cute and infuriating but totally loveable. He really helps bring Jane out of her shell and they have great romantic chemistry. I was really surprised by Chelsea's role in the book and can't wait to read more about her in the upcoming book "Notable". 

Invisible is fresh, young, and hilarious. It will have you wrapped up until you can't help but to know what happens next. 

* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review *

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