Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: Stone of Thieves by Diane J. Reed

Stone of Thieves is the amazing New Adult sequel to the quirky YA novel Robin in the Hood. Just like the characters have matured, so has the story. It's gritty and dark and even mire mesmerizing.
One of the things I think I love the most is the author's ability to weave light through the darkness, and bring magic and passion to every page. The gypsies, the stone, curses, and true love bring a unique mystical aspect that I truly love. Not to mention Creek. Ah, what to say about Creek... He's like a beautiful, passionate, troubled angel made especially for Robin. He can be so romantic and getting a peek inside his and Robin's most intimate moments really made me feel a special connection and investment to their relationship. I also feel the whole thing taking place in Italy added to the mystery and romance of it all. I've always wanted to go to Italy so I really enjoyed that.
Stone of Thieves has it all... magic, danger, romance, mystery, and a super hot male lead. What more can you ask for? Me, all I ask for is the next book to this fantastic series!

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