Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: A Love Undone

Wow! I have never read an Amish novel before but was drawn to this one after reading the blurb and I am so thankful that I was. A Love Undone is a beautiful, deeply soul resonating story with tragedy, love, faith, laughter, and family, filling it's pages and my heart with a wide range of emotions. I cried and laughed and was even angry at times while reading and for me that's always the sign of a great book!

 The characters were all very well developed and so relatable, something I wasn't sure they'd be for me, with me not being Amish myself. I found Jolene to be very admirable with her strong faith, eagerness to do what she knows to be right, and pure strength she shows throughout the entire novel. I loved that the secondary characters all had distinct personalities and felt like real assets to the story as well. The conflicts brought a perfect sense of suspense and tension to the story that kept the pages flying by quickly as I hoped for a resolution to come for these characters who somehow had stolen my heart. 

 I am looking forward to reading more Amish novels. I just hope A Love Undone hasn't set the bar too high because it was the perfect read for me! 

**"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. **

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