Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Owls ( Our Most Charming Bird ) by Matt Sewell

I have always been greatly fascinated by owls. They just seem to have this mysterious and enchanting air about them. That's why I was really excited about this title. The cover adorns some of the same lovely illustrations that can be found inside. I really enjoyed that each owl has it's own illustration and paragraph about that particular type. Who knew there were so many different kinds?!! I do think it is worth noting that despite the adorable pictures that I believe this book to be intended for a more mature audience. I did share some of the information inside with my daughter and show her the lovely pictures but I am glad that I was able to skim over some of the details about virgin vigils and superstitions including nailing a wing or whole Barn Owl to a barn. Not to mention that the author seems to have a rather extensive vocabulary that may be hard for younger readers to comprehend.  One feature I found especially charming was the spotting and jotting checklist in the back, to keep track of the types of owls you've seen. It definitely had me ready to spot some owls!  

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