Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: French Kiss For Hire Episode Three

French Kiss for Hire episode 3

By Lizzy Ford, Nikki Jefford, Nana Malone, Amanda Aksel, Amanda Lance

Luc Du'Mont's exploits as French Kiss for Hire continue as his visa's expiration looms and Serena remains out of reach... 

Sensitive and sexy Frenchman, Luc Du’mont, is living the American dream. He’s spent the last four years at university on an acting scholarship. Now, with graduation behind him he’s ready to make his big Hollywood splash. 

A debut that has to happen before his student visa expires in two months. Otherwise, he’ll be shipped home to France and all of his acting opportunities will sail with him. 
But most importantly, he’ll lose any chance at winning blond-bombshell Serena Dawson’s heart. As the sister of his roommate she is strictly off limits. But when Serena approaches Luc for kissing advice, what can Luc say other than pucker up? 

The kiss leads to much more than Luc ever imagined. When word gets out about Luc’s lip-locking skills and his unemployment leaves him desperate, Luc finds himself with a new career path: French Kiss for Hire. 

Except the only client he wants is the one girl he can’t have. 

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My Review

The French Kiss For Hire episodes are quick and light-hearted and perfect for me to read in a book funk to help purge those
major book hangovers.  

I do really enjoy Luc's character. He's such a sweet charming young man and just makes me smile with his polite manners and good heart. I know that these episodes are short and sweet, which I do like, but I really feel that I have not got to know Serena enough yet. Luc has definitely won my heart, now I want to know why Serena has won his. Ben and Madison are also great characters that I have come to like. Ben is fun and quirky and Madison definitely has something she's hiding under that spoiled girl she pretends to be. Overall I am really intrigued with the story and hope that I get to find out more about Serena in the following episodes and get to really know who she is and feel that spark between her and Luc. This episode did give me hope that she reciprocates Luc's feelings and that really has me anxious to see where this goes. 

** I received this digital copy in exchange for my honest review **

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