Friday, August 18, 2017

product review: Bic Velocity Mechanical Pencil

Now that school is back in session, a good pencil to write with is a must have item. We ( my daughter and I ) tried out these new Bic Velocity Mechanical Pencils with a 75% wider eraser to see how well they performed. Overall we really liked them. The lead did not break too easily and right away I noticed that the lead made for very smooth writing. I feel like the color of the writing was better than expected and was the exact right shade ( not too dark, not too light ). We both really liked the soft gel grip. It made it feel very comfortable to hold, which is great when you may be writing for an extended period of time. The larger eraser is definitely a nice feature and erases markings very well. With that said, even though the eraser took care of cleanly removing all markings, the indentions in the paper from the lead made the previous writing still noticeably etched into the paper. I think this is to be expected from mechanical pencils though. One thing that I thought was just brilliant was the eraser refills! If you erase a lot it is definitely nice to have that as an option instead of having to just toss the pencil or use a separate eraser.   

** I received this product free from smiley360 for review purposes. All thoughts expressed here are
my own. **

#ad With a 75% larger eraser, it's easy to #EmbraceTheErase with #BICVelocity!

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