Saturday, August 5, 2017

Review: Desert Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Desert Wolf

Desert Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Desert Wolf was immediately fascinating and kept me thoroughly engrossed all the way through. I really liked the characters and enjoyed getting to know them as I tried to figure out the mysteries surrounding Paxton's Father's will, why she was different, and what was going on with the rogue. There were a few clues as to what the mystery was, but I was never quite sure, which I loved. The impetuous romance between Paxton and Grant was so compelling and while she tried to resist his charms, I was not so obstinate. He charmed me from the very beginning and was one of the best alpha male characters I've read about. He knew that alpha does not always mean domineering, it means doing what's best. Yet he still had that strong, protective thing going on that makes him so tempting. The end of the story got a bit hectic when all the mysteries were coming to light, but altogether I was very happy with the ending and the story overall. I highly recommend Desert Wolf to paranormal romance fans who enjoy a little mystery.

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