Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review: Wilder Girls by Rory Power

First of all the cover is amazing! As soon as I saw it I needed to know more about this book. Wilder Girls instantly had me wrapped up in this new strange world, in which these girls are quarantined on an island and all have wild and crazy things happening to their bodies, also known as the Tox. The main three characters are very interesting especially since I still felt as if I still wasn't quite sure about who some of them truly were by the end of the story. I really like the writing style and the dual points of view. The atmosphere is perfectly creepy and a little tense leaving you with a sense of urgency to find out what will happen to these girls. I've heard it described as a female version of Lord of the Flies and find this to be a pretty accurate description. The ending was a bit disappointing only because it was rather open ended and there's no mention of a second book so far. The tone was fitting, but with so many things left in the balance still and so many questions left unanswered I am definitely hoping there will be a sequel. Overall Wilder Girls is a serious page-turner!

* I won an advanced copy of this book through bookishfirst. This is my honest and voluntary review. **

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